Healthy BobKats

Our Health Initiative Policy

At Bertha Kennedy Catholic School, we are committed to supporting our students as they make choices to live a healthy, active and positive lifestyle.

We acknowledge that health and education are interdependent;
that healthy students are better learners.

Through our partnership with Alberta Health Services, we are endeavouring to help our students make personal choices and decisions so that they can take responsibility for their health in the areas of

Healthy Eating,

Active Living and

Positive Social Environments.

 As a School Community, we:

  • recognize that healthy young people learn better and achieve more
  • understand that schools can directly influence students’ health and behaviours
  • encourage healthy lifestyle choices and promote students’ health and well-being
  • incorporate health into all aspects of school and learning
  • link health and education issues and systems
  • need the participation and support of families and the community at large.

We also recognize that making healthy choices is a lifelong process.