Ongoing Reporting

Ongoing Reporting

Elementary reporting & accessing provincial outcomes assessment

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As we continue in this school year, we want to ensure that both students and parents/guardians are well informed about assessment practices in our division.

In GSACRD we will engage in on-going reporting and regular communication that provides feedback for students and parents.  As parents/guardians, you can anticipate:

  • Current grades in PowerSchool (updated frequently and regularly) which is found in the Parent Portal.

  • Clear descriptions of which key learnings that were evaluated with each assessment

  • Indication if the assessment is formative or summative

    • Formative Assessment:  assessment that provides information about student progress and direction for improvement and/or adjustment to a program for individual students or for a whole class, but is not part of an achievement grade. 
    • Summative Assessment:  assessment that provides information to make judgements about student achievement at the end of a period of instruction and for determining an achievement grade.
  • Growth as a Learner* to be assessed three times per year (November, March, and June)

  • Formative assessments may show a 1-2-3-4 or a M-NYM** grading scale or SI-SM-SD***.  

  • Summative assessments will show a 1-2-3-4 or a M-NYM grading scale.

  • One culminating report card at the end of June with comments that include:

    • any accommodations that were used throughout the year

    • if the student is on an Individual Program Plan (IPP)

On-going reporting in elementary schools is relatively new.  It requires an adjustment in how we view assessment.  Teachers will be reporting on knowledge, understanding, skills, and procedures (KUSPs) which may be new to the student.  It is common that when students are first introduced to a concept or skill, they may not be able to master it immediately.  Initially, student learning may reflect a beginning understanding and you may see a 1 or 2, or an SD or SM in PowerSchool.  Do not be alarmed as your child is still learning and will be provided other opportunities to develop those skills and will continue to be assessed throughout the year.  In K-6 reporting, final evaluations are not an average of the year.  Each assessment replaces the last and indicates the current level of achievement of the student.

We encourage all parents to use PowerSchool as a tool to remain informed about student progress.  Questions or concerns about student assessments should be directed to the homeroom teacher.  Interviews to discuss student progress will continue to be a valuable opportunity for collaboration between home and school.  In addition to this, reciprocal emails and phone calls will also be essential to maintaining a solid relationship that is focused on student success.

If you have any questions please reach out by phone or email to our front office at 780-458-6101.