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Run Wild - May 5th

Come GET WILD with the BK Bobkats All students have an opportunity this year to
run as a school team in the “RunWild WildOnes Kids Marafun”, taking place here in
St. Albert on Sunday May 5th. The “Marafun” is a unique race format that allows
young people from ages 4-12 to participate in their first marathon. Beginning March
5th , we will begin running indoors at BK, short distances every Tuesday & Thursday
during the recess portion of our lunch hour. Once the weather outdoors improves and
dries up, we will run outside. Each student’s mileage will be tracked to ensure that
they have completed 40KM prior to race day.

On race day, (Sunday May 5 th ) students will run the last 1.6 km, and cross the finish
line, having completed the distance of a marathon. All “Marafun” participants receive a
competitors t-shirt, a race bib and a medal when they cross the finish line. A certificate
of completion will be available online after the event. Space for the “Marafun” is
limited, and in previous years the race has sold out, so please register your child online
as soon as possible. Go to or and click
on register. We are team name Bertha Kennedy. We also welcome interested
parents to register as part of our BERTHA KENNEDY team and to join us on
race day to run with their child.

For those families who are new to this experience, it is a wonderful opportunity for
your child! This race gives all students an opportunity to participate. It is non-
competitive and focused on participation, increased fitness, and fun. In my mind, the
greatest learning opportunity comes through the journey and commitment as students
set a goal, work hard, support one another, train together and celebrate their success
when they cross the finish line! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact
Miss. VanHoof, Mrs. Flynn or Mrs. Pereira at the school, or check the Run Wild
website at

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